Mistral SUP UK

We are pleased to announce that we are now the UK distributors for Mistral SUP.

Born in 1976 on the winds of time, fuelled by the pioneering years of windsurfing, Mistral stands proud as the ultimate wind and water life-style brand. Having endured the passage of time through innovation and adherence to grass root philosophies, Mistral is today playing a significant lasting role, in the evolution and development of stand up paddle boarding (SUP) a vehicle of phenomenal possibilities and endless adventures.

Mistral understands that SUP-sport and windsurfing are for all-comers and we design our equipment to be as extreme or as laid-back as the people who ride them.

Whether charging the line in the surf, cruising picturesque waterways, sharing good times with friends and family at the beach, blasting downwind, striking a pose on your fitness board, or travelling the world with one of our many inflatable boards (iSUP) – with every stroke you take and every move you make – our SUP boards and paddles are with you.

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For all information please contact: steve@danielsurf.com


New Futures leash plug coming soon.

Futures is proud to present a brand new product to the surfing world, the Futures Leash Plug. We do realize that the leash plug has been around 40+ years, but it has never been as innovative as this one. The Futures leash plug is a pre-laminate leash plug with a flange, which vastly improves the strength of the plug. Not only are Futures Leash plugs incredibly strong, they are available in all of our ILT

Check out our step by step instruction video on how to install the Futures Leash Plug:

leash_plug_web sized

Good Day for LOST

Hurley Australian Open Of Surfing

Adriano De Souza (Brazil) and Carissa Moore (Hawaii) have taken out the ASP 6-Star Qualifying Series (QS) divisions at the Hurley Australian Open of Surfing at Manly Beach. The best waves of the event set the stage on the final day, with three foot (1.5 meter) runners rolling into the Manly shoreline that was packed with dedicated surf fans, braving the rain with umbrellas, towels and raincoats.

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